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Imakillu in Valentines Day
True, but then you're a skanky little whore. But on a serious note, most people can if they go out lol. I thought you were talking about Valentines, not marriage :?
Imakillu in Suburban Violence
What you said I just cbf typing all that. People go on about wanting to do things but they'd regret it. I want to knock off a lot of people, but saying I'd follow through would be stupid, and wanting to is ignorant to the effects of doing so. ^Having said that I've done that myself so meh. Hindsight...
Imakillu in Happy Black Friday
It's generally why you might see numberplates with 888 and shit, they get taken asap. Definitely can't have 4 of anything :(. Fail when you need to buy additional fish, then they die, and you need to buy more for no reason.
Imakillu in How fast is your net But from gamearena/ausgamers or decent servers I'll get at least 1.5MBps download. The main thing is a decent upload, the download is usually capped anyway (by their upload, speed). Need a larger limit ideally but rarely capped for size.