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Imakillu in Ni hao?
Business but did some sightseeing there man. Really clean and nice city. I suppose it depends, I think it'd be nice if you had a family to have that atmosphere anyway, being safe and retardedly tidy. We were sitting down for dinner, and every 30 minutes these guys would come out and rake the leaves ...
Imakillu in Watchmen
Voidcaller wrote:
Watchmen > Dark Knight

Take The Joker away from the dark knight and you have a pretty damn average film imho.

Dark Knight > Watchmen

If you take away Dr. Manhattan it's really not that great.
Imakillu in Patch 3.1 - Changes and updates
Why? For all their other individual buffs. I'm sure MD and TOT are useful, they're not always 100% necessary but are very important (Urgh - especially for achievements). They're good CC which will most likely play a part in Ulduar I believe, but we're as of now yet to see any requirement for CC on t...
Imakillu in Patch 3.1 - Changes and updates
I like most of the changes. Any nerf to mage dps is potentially warranted from some spreadsheets I've seen, but unfortunately it's not really viable any more (whether it's fair or not) to not have all classes, whether situational or just through specific gearing etc capable of putting out the same t...
Imakillu in South Park Season 13.
Yeah I agree with the so few episodes released these days, however not to jump on the bandwagon, but I'm glad others would agree it wasn't that great. I thought the parody of the Jonas Brothers was pretty funny, as well as when they all went retarded in the stands, but that's about it. I've also see...
Moradim is pretty sexy dude, but I don't see what that has to do with it. Sounds pretty shit, although the main thing is that as you said it's not fatal and that you can at least try to live a relatively normal life. Not being able to exercise at all would definitely suck and the hours of pain :( So...
Imakillu in You Laugh, You Lose