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Bain in [Competition] $10 Cosplay Challenge
I was interested but there wasn't really a bandwagon to jump on so, like the good little sheep that I am, I didn't say anything. I'd be interested in doing this, however next Tues/Weds/Thurs I will be MIA, anytime after that is fine though. Alright.. How about we do this sometime in 2018? Can you c...
SilverClaw wrote:
So that's how babby is formed.

Well done!
Please tell me you didn't cut his wee wee

Nah we didn't, don't see the point of it and we aren't religious.

If it becomes a problem, then we'd look at doing that.

His dick is going to be so huge anyway that it will look circumcised.
Bain in Guild Group Up
Hunterbob wrote:
hekate wrote:
Our real-life new character arrived last night, putting paid to our plans to play early access. We will hopefully have time to jump on and reserve names, but not sure when we will be able to play.

What spec is your new character going?


Aedan the barbarian
Bain in WildStar Roll Call
Hekate and I will be playing this but we wont be buying the early access.

We will pick it up when things will be less crazy - so probably towards the end of june some time.
Bain in The Elder Scrolls Online
Stopped playing. Cancelled out subs. The game itself has gone quiet quickly too. PVP zone has died in the ass.

Playing Wildstar beta as it's more engaging and fun.
Bain in Office Drone Hive 2014
Ausedragon wrote:
He didn't bother going to the fair work ombudsmen so, not for the first time, they got away with firing someone for something stupid.

Sounds like your mate is a dumb prick if he did nothing over being fired 'for no reason'.

+1 to Managers : 0 to retarded Ausedragons mate
Bain in Twelve Gym [Iron Man Remedial]
Its been about forever since I posted in this thread (and the forums). A little while ago, after my 3rd Tough Mudder my physio gave me the bad news that in order for me to run any further than the mailbox athome I would need to have surgery on my foot to repair my ATFL and CFL. Both of them have sev...