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Bain in Office Drone Hive 2014
willy wrote:
Fun wrote:
willy wrote:
I'm having a very pinot noir month.


Go hang out in Cronulla with your cultural equals.


I'm a Shiraz bro.
Bain in 6 Figure Salary
Well done gunny. Making money can sometimes be fun. Most of the time its not.

The way I see it. The more money we earn, the more the business owns us. It's a matter of keeping a balance.

Let hope you keep the balance right with with the big bucks!
Bain in Google Chromecast
Haven't played with it. I just have a TV that can use the plex app natively.

Fuck plugging other shit into my TV.

Logitech harmony remote, seamless integration to all my shit.

Have any of you looked at raspberry pi?
Bain in iPhone6 and Apple Watch
But it actually looks pretty cool : What a great idea! Can't wait to read my email or watch videos on a 1 inch display.. Fucking apple, they will try to talk up anything as though it's something you've always needed or been missing. The phone upgrades a...
Bain in Automobile Discussion
kiral wrote:
Noiiiice! Can we get some interior shots?

Sure thing. I'll take some night shots as well. Got some pretty cool ambient lighting at night.
Bain in Automobile Discussion
So our car got handed over to us today. Only took 9 months but we have had a Q5 as an interim car in the mean time. Hekate wanted a bow, and it was delivered with one. Not bad for a family car! Still keeping the Scirocco as the other run about.
Bain in Coffee [NESPRESS-YO]
Have you tested one of these out yet? Home machines that arent plumbed in tend to have shitty pressure which you need to get a decent espresso shot and to achieve half decent milk. No Seylana. Your information is wrong.. Plumbing in a coffee machine just means you don't have to refill it. Pressure ...
Bain in Coffee [NESPRESS-YO]
So 8 decided to invest a small amount in a semi decent espresso machine. Purchased a Kitchenaid Artisan Espresso machine. Dual boiler (basically 2 gaggia classics merged into 1 machine)
Bain in Office Drone Hive 2014
Hunterbob wrote:
Haha, now for the fun part! Getting shot down

Oh, and being in the Ukraine in pieces..


Have fun Spoob! May your flight be enjoyable and your transfer speedy.
Bain in We got robbed.
Bummer man. Hope you get the cufflinks back!

You should look at getting some cameras setup. I bought a hikvision camera for Aedans room as the nighat vision is superb and will be expanding it to 2 more cameras, 1 out front and 1 out back just for this very purpose.
Bain in Automobile Discussion
Fork wrote:
Nice Prelly, Cailo.

Needs to lose some inches between wheel arch and tyre. But then it wouldn't be off-road capable.

Cailo - if you ever want to lower your car, send me a pm. I can do it for you.