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Bain in Melbourne!
Finding a place that will accept a pet is going to be your hardest part ofor renting in melbourne. Anywhere that accepts pets will have a higher rental cost too. Point cook isn't the best for public transport either. The trains are often late or miss stations during peak hour and traffic on the road...
Wont happen.

The mind is too complex to replicate.

No matter what type of programming you do, it will always be a yes/no answer which basically means AI cannot function from a learning point of view. They cannot determine emotion which is the key to moving forward for intelligence.
I'm getting over the judgement that comes with having a full beard. At first I loved that people tended to avoid me OR approach me to compliment and talk beard talk. The beard is all people really see now. It's fine around people that know me because they see passed the beard, but it's crazy how mu...
Bain in Office Drone Hive 2014
Grats on the five years Fun, glad you got more than just a pen, too. Thought you might have got a bit gypped there, haha. I worked at Kmart for 6 years. When I reached 5 years, a certificate was issued for me. One of the managers told me about the certificate, shook my hand and then never gave it t...
Bain in iPod dock suggestions
willy wrote:
So, sonos is amazing.

Verdict: if you aren't sonos'ing, you're doing it wrong.

Sound quality of sonos 1 is lacking. It's the only reason we didn't get one.

The other sonos speakers are pretty grat, but expensive for what they are.
Bain in Twelve Gym [Iron Man Remedial]
After completing Around the Bay in a day - 250km ride last week, I've decided that I want to do something a little more challenging. I'll be entering into my first Cycling hill climb event next year. Its the Lake Mountain challenge and I've opted for the 160km course. This will require a lot more st...
Bain in Office Drone Hive 2014
So I've recently started an internship working as a strategic/statutory planner/urban designer for the Victorian government. I enjoy being an office drone a lot more than retail. I'm scared to go back. Also, my view doesn't suck. The other day when I was off at Micro...
Bain in Yayyyy Fork [Viking Union]
Congrats to you and Stacey mate! Great to see another 12elvian all hitched and shit.

Mini-twelve on the way soon I'd imagine!?

The photo's look great with the storm clouds and hail.
Bain in Triple J
All they need to do is get rid of Richard Kingsmill as well and JJJ will be infinitely better.
Bain in Office Drone Hive 2014
Fork wrote:
Wrapping up three projects this week, about fucking time too.

Many versions going up to TestFlight for testing, and submissions to the App Store for review.

What's everyone else up to?

Was down at Microsoft showing our Directors and Exec the new VoIP system they will be getting.

Such fun times.
Bain in Office Drone Hive 2014
SilverClaw wrote:
thorment wrote:
How big is that?

With its legs spread out, about the size of my palm.

Since you guys loved that one soo much, here's another beaut I found a while back.


That looks like a funnel web. Did it drown in a mortein bath or proceed to be pancaked?