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Bain in Fallout 4
Got it the other day. Turned it on to wait for it to install while Aedan was asleep. Just got to 111 Vault and Aedan woke up. I've left my characters as default looks. Went with S 5 P 6 E 4 C 3 I 5 A 3 L 2 From memory.. All I know is Perception and intellect need to be greater than 4 to hack and pic...
Bain in Utopia
My organisation, the Metropolitan Planning Authority, is frighteningly similar to the NBA in Utopia. The entire show is an unsettlingly accurate commentary on the industry. Bain finds it hard to watch because it's eerily similar to his government place of work Correct. If you aren't working in gove...
Bain in Twelve raids again!
Tristen wrote:
It felt so relaxing. Like back in the day. If you fucked up or died there was no abusing or kicking anyone, we just got back on the horse and tried to make it kill pabs again.

Who the fuck is this guy?
Bain in Playstation Plus [PSN+]
Hoping this month is better.

Styx was balls and Rocket League plays like an ios/android app - fun for about 10 minutes.
Bain in Playstation Plus [PSN+]
Clownshoes wrote:
lol did driveclub only just come out for plus

Yep! And its pretty limited on what you can do.

Looking forward to Styx and Rocket League.
Bain in Footnote about Pride
Hey Shaun great post. To the other belligerent, self absorbed twats on here that think your anti gay opinions matter. You are completely and uttery wrong. Shrewm - once you've been out in society - read: grown up - for a bit and you have to fend for yourself, you'll realise that the shit you post on...
Bain in Office Drone Hive 2015

Tailored suits are for successful people. Off the rack suits are for people trying to make it.

Casual attire is for hipsters and weekends.

Bain in Office Drone Hive 2015
They used to get dirt cheap rooms, $55 a night for Intercontinental world wide. Under the new rule of Supreme Leader Packer, its more around the $200 mark for Crown in Australia. Which is a terrible downgrade that a lot of the senior staff won't stop talking about (Understandably). Here's some of t...
Bain in Secret Santa Fuckers!!
Hanlol wrote:
I even bought the icing writing stuff to do the skeleton :(

You should have detailed out the skeleton on the cookie you posted.

Would have been even more hilarious!