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Remedial in Ant-Man
I don't know, Syphins level of satisfaction has been known to be quite easy, he does get a lot of satisfaction out of soccer for example.

I saw the trailer on the previews of Terminator Genesis and it looks like it will require a lot of brain switching off to ignore how physics works.
Remedial in Dark Matter
I'm still not bloody sold, couple parts of it still seem kind of cheap and tacky to me How old is the little kid meant to be? she seems totally doable to me and everyone's acting as if she's a 12 year old, specially when they go to the casino and the guy won't even ID her. Also the exces...
Remedial in Footnote about Pride
But that also leaves open incest marriages really, and despite it being hilarious on GoT i'd say i'm fairly uncomfortable with the idea. Incest marriages have a massive detrimental impact on society from a basic genetic standpoint. In the high likelihood they reproduce, there is a good chance they'...
Remedial in Footnote about Pride
Sure don't han I agree that gay marriage shouldn't even need discussion hence why i'm more interested in other cases that perhaps do. My imaginary line would probably be around who is mentally capable of signing a marriage contract. But that also leaves open incest marriages really, and despite it b...
Remedial in Footnote about Pride
So before I say something bigotted I'm all for gay marriage, my sister is a giant bull dyke living with another giant bull dyke and right now if her girlfriend went into hospital and her family said my sister couldn't visit her then she wouldn't be allowed to visit, and that's pretty fucked up. But ...
Remedial in Dark Matter
how was the second episode?

i'm sitting at work checking my updates and wishing I could go home to watch it but no such luck yet