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Flap in Skins UK
Finally found somewhere to download part 1 of Cassie's episode, enjoyed it. Also Cassie is still amazing.

Found it a lot more realistic than Effy's and I cant really pin point what is going to happen next unlike the part 2 of Effy's story line. Looking forward to episode 2 :)
Flap in Skins UK
Remedial wrote:
Yeah glad they're leaving cooks till last so i can just not watch it.

Awww Rem, this makes me sad! I actually really liked Cook, I thought the Cook/Effy/Freddie story was good! The rest of the characters were quite shit though.
Flap in Skins UK
So I just finished part 2 of Effy's story, really enjoyed it. Skins always chooses great music which is present throughout Effy's 2 episodes, next up is Cassie's story.

Good to have Skins back :)
Flap in Skins UK
I think having Naomi look horrible also helped towards my attraction to Effy, brunette was a bad move you crazy dyke.
Flap in Skins UK
I watched it tonight Rem, I think it has potential to be good but no where near as good as season 1 or 2.

I want to bang Effy though.
Flap in Cool cool cool

These little cameras are amazing. I'm buying one for when I go away, also excellent video clips!