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Thanks for the edit but I'm currently holding off on playing AoC because been raiding and such with Twelve, I was wondering if anyone would actually be able to take and use the code for there own sake seeing though I don't seem to have a use for it.
Greetings! You have been a long and thrustworthy participant in our community, and as such we would like to thank you for helping us form Age of Conan into the marvelous product it is today. The last weeks has seen some serious enhancment to the game, and with the release we will be opening several ...
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Hey guys.

Im thinking of hitting up Age of Conan for awhile, would just want to know some information such as leveling, player verse player and quests ect.
Any information that would interest someone into playing would be great fully appreciated.

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Hmm this above is true. Coming from past experience with TFC we ran resto druid, holy priest, pally/shammy heals. I admit TFC at the time were up to mother and were abit more geared that us at the moment. BUT.. Im taking on board the feral druid and prot warrior/pally idea and mabye even that spries...
Flap in Decent Fixed ZA Time Run
Im still going with the Prot warrior and Paladin, due to the fact the pally can heal if needed and the warrior adds additional shouts helping the raid generally. As for the 2 healers, I go with 3 to provide - big heals (paladin/shaman) Mid heals/Buffs (Priest) and Druid for HoTs/Rebirth to provide t...
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Hi guys So I'm playing wow and everything freezes up. After a restart, Windows was kind enough to tell me that the system registry is corrupt and windows can't start. I think I know how to fix it, however since I have no Windows CD and no A:/ in my second comp it could take me a while to get things...
Flap in Decent Fixed ZA Time Run
Wanting to start a good ZA timed run. If interested post here. Need All classes now: Pref Build would be.. Protection Warrior Protection Paladin Resto Druid Holy Priest Holy Paladin/Resto Shaman Mage Warlock Hunter Rogue Shadow Priest/ Elemental or Enhance Shaman (depending if its a paladin healer o...