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Flap in Game of Thrones - Season Four Best trailer so far in terms of reveals. Looking forward to seeing Braavos, hopefully it doesn't just turn up at the end of the season and dumps Ayra there and we have to wait another year. Ramsay Snow looking evil has also got me excited. Also Bronn a...
Flap in Next Expansion: Warlords of Draenor
Holy shit son, alliance are going to RAGE about horde favouritism allllll over again. velen dies at the end of the first quest zone. There are 2 Velen's going on throughout the new expansion as it is the Velen from 32 or so years ago, confusing. Some how "our" current Velen still exis...
Flap in Game of Thrones - Season Four
Was that Cold Hands at the end!? I guess he traded in his undead elk for a horse? I think it is meant to be Coldhands since the books state that the wights only ride dead animals though I think the TV show will make it far more obvious that he is indeed a wight as Martin never confirms Coldhands is...
Flap in Game of Thrones - Season Four
Looks awesome, very excited for House Martell, my favorite throughout the series.

Concerning though is how fast they are progressing through characters story lines such as Bran and Dany's. I'm looking forward to the sexy vipers though probably won't be in this season :(
Flap in resolved
Let them back! When I played in MoP Tex was an excellent guild leader and from what I saw put a lot of effort into trying to keep the raid group alive, they should be welcomed back just as anyone who has been a positive member of Twelve would be. This is coming from a non-raid/casual point of view. ...
Flap in The Hobbit Trilogy [DRAGON TIME]
It was a fun and epic movie in terms of action but ultimately it had so much stuff that didn't need to be in it :( Also needed more Bilbo. I also disliked how quickly the adventurers went through Mirkwood and passed Beorn's house, its my favorite part of the book! WHERE IS MY MAGICAL SLEEPY RIVER?! ...
Flap in A Song of Ice and Fire
Finally passed where the TV series has gone up to in Storm of Swords and am about 100 pages from finishing, still enjoying it but am going though patches where I will read non stop for a few days then come back to it a week or two later.
Flap in You Laugh, You Lose
bladearts wrote:

What a fucking idiot, looked into this and turns out he landed on a woman and broke her arm. Fucking stupid.
Flap in Next Expansion: Warlords of Draenor
Fun wrote:

Annnd then I remember my highest toon is 75 and I lose interest again.

When you buy the expansion you get a free boost one character to level 90 to begin playing the expansion straight away.