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I seem to have managed to only have work twice this coming week and have my university mid semester break so I'm resubscribing to play, probably try to level up a class I've never played before if anyone wants to come join me!
Have to agree with Spoon, the main reason behind wanting previous expansion servers is pretty much because it was when WoW was the best for me, BC/WOTLK raiding for super fun with all the Twelve jerks. Even if we did ever get these servers it wouldn't be the same :( ...though healing would be a lot ...
Flap in Game of Thrones - Season Four
Really happy with this weeks episode, lots of super cool stuff. The Thenns are also bad ass. Jon fighting is sweet too.

Only thing I will bitch about is they didn't include the black smith vs the giant :(
Flap in Show Us Your Pets This is my dog Stanley and is just over a year old now. He is a miniature schnauzer and is also a menace. He loves taking my socks and destroying things, I take him for about an hour walk each day just to keep him from going crazy. Not very obedient but I love him either way.
Flap in Game of Thrones - Season Four
I agree Spoon, wasn't a filler episode, more of a set up episode. Tyrion and Oberyn scene was one of the best this season, incoming awards for Dinkalage. The Ayra and Hound scene was good and you can see that its setting up for the Hounds death, in the books I'm pretty sure he dies from infectio...
Flap in [Meta] One Post a Day
Well last night I had my third shift working as a bartender in the international terminal of Melbourne airport, anyway, you see some interesting people come and go. Last night two huge Russians came into the bar and demanded a constant flow of triple Jack Daniels, after consuming 5 of these each in ...