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Flap in The Division
This game looks insane, really interested to see more video of how the pvp works and how the world works with so many players.

Will be buying a PS4 and this game.
Fork wrote:
Guild challenges sound awesome. Have been wanting to play this but since I don't have anyone to level with, D3 is more fun right now.

What level is your monk at the moment Fork? I'll be able to play as of next Monday when uni is finished. I think my rogue was level 47 or something.
Flap in Travelling`
Yeh I've been to Happo in Japan and skied there, was really good but I didnt like how the lifts and facilities there worked, also the language barrier is also a factor. Also living costs would be a bit higher in Japan :( Though I do agree with you the snow is much better in Japan than the US, howeve...
Flap in Travelling`
Yeh I have planned so I would save money for Europe and America separately, the money made over there will be purely spent on food and stuff as its not much. My cousin who lives in Germany says the Eurail would be my best option so I will probably do that, he has also offered for me to stay at his p...
Flap in Travelling`
So I have decided to defer from university at the end of this semester to start saving money to get out of Australia. I've applied to work over in the snow on a mountain in either California (Mammoth Mountain) or in Canada (Whistler). I have been to both places during my teens but never worked overs...
Flap in Daft Punk
So excited for this new album, been listening to the teaser over and over. The named artists is also quite exciting :)