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Benza in 8888 GET - nsfw

A get is the accumulated posts on a forum, not the accumulated posts of a single person. Otherwise what significance would getting a get have if its an individual thing?
Benza in wts hunter
Oh I'm laughing Xant, don't you worry. :D whereas when a ret pally is shit *coughs*cyrsto*coughs* everyone notices and points it out? When you get another ret pally to base your judgements off I'll listen Rem :P Seriously though, should I get another DI buddy for VR? I Frustrate/Hex rerolled a ret ...
Yeah was looking at the revoltech ones last night on ebay, I'm gunna get one of the mass produced ones. Those are fucking awesome, shame they arn't anywere near as detailed as that one.


Also question for Shaunz, that model you posted says 2002 on it, explain?
It does look like that mech is hiding a raging boner AND THAT MAKES IT COOLER! Seriosuly, any old mecha can just stand around and look bad arse, it takes a truley awesome mecha to do it while making you question your masculinity. Hey shaunz, you know if they're doing a figure like that for any of t...
Benza in Cool music videos
Needs more of the one with 3D holographic projection. That shit was rad.
Prodigy: Voodoo People (Pendulum remix)
cant believe they are bringing in deathknights before mountain king dwarves. thunderclap, hammer stun and that chance to stun ability were kickass..and who wouldnt like turning big silver and shiny!! Deathknight available to all races Mountin King Dwarves available to dwarves. I think it makes a he...