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Shrill in Office Drone Hive 2015
Spoon wrote:
It's panadol, not horse tranquiliser

It's the broken neck, not the panadol that prevents the pain. I'm not actually sure what value panadol is bringing to the situation.
Shrill in Office Drone Hive 2015
Nothing in the email suggested he cleaned it at all, likely all the poop is still there. You don't clean desk drawers. As most office furniture is standardised, you just remove all identifying contents and swap the defiled elements with someone who is either on leave or an unoccupied desk. This als...
Shrill in The Amazing Spiderman 2 was bad
[1] Ok I put 'the sinister 6' in quotes because it is the group name. But I realised it might be misread as the sinister 6 inches. I apologies for those of you looking forward to THAT film... Well from the sound of these reviews, The Sinister 6 Inches would have a better plot than these movies anyw...
Shrill in The Amazing Spiderman 2 was bad
Why would it possibly need 3 villains? This is a good write up and seems to echo the same things I've heard from Marc Fennell as well as David & Margaret. I will only watch this movie when I've run out of other things to watch and wish to be thoroughly whelmed. Now if you don't mind me, I'm off...
Shrill in Gummi Bears of Doom
How much alcohol was absorbed by the plumb bears? Do they work as intended? I would imagine it was just shy of a litre. There wasn't a lot of science involved, just leftover vodka. Here is a bear before and after nutrification. Yes nutrification is a word! And you can feel th...
Shrill in Gummi Bears of Doom
Damn that sounds amazing, but there's so much prep! I might still have to do it though.. The trick is buying the gummi bears in a tub. It is like they are trapped and at the mercy of your alcoholic concoctions. I am thinking of going all apartheid on the next lot and seperating them by colour, then...
Shrill in Gummi Bears of Doom
Step 1. Lack sanity and decency. Step 2 Acquire Vodka and Gummi Bears. I used half the apple and half the skyy because that's what I had in my cupboard of happiness. Step 3 Allow them to socially interact like so... Step 4: Place them in a cold dark place, or a cold light plac...
Shrill in Doctor Who - Season 8
And this isn't the last Doctor. The easiest theory is that Gallifrey prevented regeneration past #13 to prevent corruption and impose limits on the race. This was obviously bypassed in the case of the Master, who had run out of regenrations in the old series until in this series where they 'gave hi...
Shrill in Doctor Who - Season 8
I am disappointed in this Doctor. Not because ofhis inability to play the part, he is a fine actor, but because he cannot play Sweary McSwearington (Malcolm Tucker) in this new role. The Doctor is apparently far smarter than teh rest of us and infinitely more informed. Imagine if he told us that in ...
Shrill in Duolingo
I appreciate the fact that this training is not even remotely fair. One of the sentences read to me to write down is: Es ist ein Apfel but because I am in the food section I go with: Es isst ein Apfel And in the discussion it explains to me that I should know it is ist because ein is nominative wher...
Shrill in Duolingo
I am beginning to understand where German porn came from.

Bread is asexual. Apples are male. Girls have no gender.

It's not a major leap from there to playing with hosepipes...
Shrill in 50 Science Misconceptions
I know the Sun is a star. But as long as we define night as 'the time we cannot see the sun', I cannot count the Sun as a star in the night sky. You are arguing for counting it as a star in the sky, or a visible star, which are both totally valid. And it should cound in luminosity arguments about vi...
Shrill in Game of Thrones - Season Three
Jiminy wrote:
different kind of magic that hasn't been explained yet, so I can't really comment. Valid point though

So Werewolf Robb or Doghead Robb is back on the table then?