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That turned out to be a really good season. As for the final three: before the final episode I thought it Tai made it to the final three he had it in the bag. I thought Scot and Jason would have realised Tai made a great move and come around to his side, but instead they held onto their bitter feeli...
Spoon in The Revenant If you're a fan of intense survivalist shit then this is the movie for you. I found the plot somewhat confusing at times (between the Americans, the French and two different native American tribes - along with flashbacks) but the plot is also pretty irrelevant t...
Spoon in Meet the Patels
I have this downloaded for some reason but it doesn't really sound that interesting to me so I'm not sure if I'd ever actually watch it
Spoon in Game of Thrones - Season Six
Episode 2 was amazing. So much shit going down. Really wasn't expecting old mate Bolton to get stabby stabbed. I knew Ramsay was going to kill the kid...but not the kid and the mother and the father. The dogs were brutal. Balon, don't care so much about that. The circumstances ...
Spoon in Blizz acknowledges Vanilla
It's an interesting message that ultimately means nothing. I wouldn't refer to it as an announcement. That 'pristine server' sounds nothing like what these people want. Sure it might go some small way towards it, but the game is still very very different from vanilla (or as they seem to have termed ...
Spoon in Game of Thrones - Season Six
I was kinda thinking that was exactly how she would look when the magic shit was removed

This Dorne stuff is off the rails

All the interesting stuff happened in the North this episode
Spoon in Game of Thrones - Season Six Remember to use the appropriate spoilers when discussing sensitive shit. Also post which book/episode it relates to outside of the spoiler. Spoilers: [spoiler]normal spoiler here[/spoiler] Book Spoilers: [bsp]book spoiler here[/bsp] Super Uber Spoiler: [uberspoi...
Spoon in American Crime Story

First season is about the O.J. Simpson crimes/trial.

Seems well made but I'm not sure if it's really my jam. If you're interested in this particular event or in true crime stuff then check it out.
Spoon in The Path

New series with some shit about a cult. Seems very bland and obvious from the first episode, don't really have an intention to continue with it.
Spoon in 11.22.63 Just started this mini-series (watched the first 1hr 20min episode) and the premise seems pretty interesting. It's general time travel stuff crossed with some Narnia and a few of its own spins on things (like time fighting back if you try to alter something impo...