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That NZ / SA game was good enough to be a final for me. Amazing. Adrenalin was coursing through me. Like the good old days with Crowe and Greatbatch. Those run chases are superb to watch. I feel like Aussie should take it out - the better team with more depth - but kiwis fight. Can't ever rule us ou...
Counterfitt in The Great Brioche Debate
Brioche is like hermaphrodite people. Make up your mind already. Why not be normal bread and leave the pastry stuff to the croissants and other flamboyant french breads who like to ponce. It's the fat hairy dude tranny of the bread world. Trying and failing miserably, to pull if off. I vote poos.
Counterfitt in Societal norms
“The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment.”
Counterfitt in Tribal Wars 2
an offering of fuck ups in your hour of loss to bring a smile... so one of my players is being attacked. no worries. i got me some troops. so i sends them off and tells the others and they agrees to send support too. mine arrives … at the wrong bloody village edfk's arrives … and attacks! he clicked...
Counterfitt in Tribal Wars 2
dumbness. when you all go, the game will lose a certain level of merriness. Against my better judgement, I intend on keeping an eye on this forum and perhaps join in some future gaming with you lot. There goes any chance at the deans list. I'm not too shabby when called upon to be serious in life bu...
Counterfitt in Tribal Wars 2
I think we could have done much better at this 1) Everyone choose the same quadrant to start in 2) Hold off maybe a week before insulting anyone Pretty much that. Even one would have been fine. Part two would defy all reasons for playing. Part one was your only hope. But alas, you chose 'roll the d...
Counterfitt in Black Sails
what server do you watch it on? or how best to watch this series. yet another week has opened up before work for me and i will need an evening show. this looks good!
Counterfitt in Blade Runner
Last night I finally sat down to watch a good version of it (the 2007 "Final Cut" version in 720p) and it was a pretty good movie. It wasn't the best thing I've ever seen, but the influences it had on Battlestar Galactica [2004] were extremely evident. Influences on The Fifth Element and ...
Counterfitt in Well, Hello
Hi, pies! Websites are indeed my full time job. I can't pick a favourite meal to eat. It's too circumstantial. Don't make me choose, Frodo! Do you have a favourite meal to eat? I did make chicken Marbella a little while ago, which was pretty good. Counterfitt, here are the cr...
Counterfitt in Well, Hello
Hey there James. I'm the head moderator here so figured I had best extend a formal welcome. We are a WoW group who take raiding very seriously. We also like to collect lots of those purple crystals. In fact, we are ALL ABOUT the phallic shaped apexis crystals. So if you have some, we'd like them ple...