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ratchan in Doctor Who Series 9
Ep 5 was all about vikings and the thing with showing advanced technology seems like magic to undeveloped civilisations. Is it me or is this season going to be more 2 part eps?
ratchan in Gotham [Batman.. without Batman?]
Ive been watching the second season and from what I hear the season is called "Rise of the Villains". Theres been a few name drops but the way its going right now, I wonder when the next big villain pops up such as, when will Nigma crack completely? Or Mr Freeze show up?
ratchan in Fall Television Schedule
There's a few shows I'll watch. The main one is Doctor Who which has already started.

Out of the ones not yet on I'll watch Moonbeam City, Heroes Reborn, Supergirl, and Ash vs Evil Dead
ratchan in Heroes Reborn
Wow, has it been 10 years since the first season. I lost interest during the circus season. Wonder if itll be better.
ratchan in Batman: Arkham Knight
i picked it up today and im undecided on the quality. it looks good but theres something off. maybe the way the batmobile handles. i did play as Harley in one of the dlc packs and that was awesome.