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joanarc in The Uniting of Twelve!
we can actually try to organise joint raids with smaller guilds who lack people too.. instead of having the 55s leaving.. i tink i would be pretty unfair to the ppl who are reaching 55 [but no too those who are still far away.. =p].. they would pretty much be left stuck..
if u ask most of the verdict people who left they would say most of them are selffish and have a bad attitude.. they had arguements during raids just bcoz of loot and because of tt they got wiped several times. also the lack of communication.. anyway alot of people left.. throughout my time there.. ...
joanarc in Your thoughts on the guild.
lol.. if u ask me.. i voted people too even though i want to do end game instances.. i guess ppl and end game are a good combi!! i came from the now defunct verdict.. where it was hardcore.. we all sweat when there was a lvl cap coming >.< but the only reason was to push ppl to lvl faster so we coul...