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Some of this has already been posted. buuuut, open them all at once. Number 1 , number 2 and of course number 3 . Yeh, having the day off is sweet. The sound of a polka drifted from my neighbor's and set my feet a-tapping oh! Ieva's mother had her eye on her daughter but Ieva she managed to fool her...
wet cardboard in kk
darkshaunz wrote:
Moradim wrote:
<3 Whet
Join the troll fleet

Offer is open as long as you are willing to engage in active combat trolling.

But, Good Luck for the future whet!

Hopefully you'll still troll these parts like many of us do!

What positions do you have vacant?
wet cardboard in kk
Just a quick message letting you know that I have sharded all my gear on all chars and deleted them. I've sent the mats to a friend. I dont get any enjoyment from this game anymore - try as I might to convince myself that I do. Its been great raiding with you all, I've had an awesome time. I took a ...
wet cardboard in Forkie
Spoon wrote:
one is a bird man.

one is a giant nasty vagina thing with teeth and tentacles.

i think i have a fcking hot porn flick at home for one.

the other is a giant nasty vagina thing with teeth and tentacles.
wet cardboard in VERY nice caster dagger
Spoon wrote:
And Grobbulus is meant to be easy, but he also happens to come after one of the hardest to kill (Patchwerk).

I was going to say that but you did it already so I'm just quoting to increase my post count.

Hai guyths. ~wave~