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speaking of old school, did I see that Cailo looted an Eye of Sulfuras? Gregoria can make the required mace if you need help. Haha thanks but I got mine some time ago. 25th July 2012 even. Zed wanted me to run his warlock through MC and another one dropped. He was so pissed o...
gregoria in Fear The Walking Dead
I feel that some of the character are playing the same old, nothing is wrong they're fine! OH SHIT NO THEIR NOT!. That gets annoying especially from the physc boyfriend. Crackhead seams to one of the more interesting characters. Even though he was stealing old bed ridden man's drugs during ...
gregoria in Macros!
This is a topic I have started after someone recently asked for warrior macros. But if you have any other useful macros feel free to post for other to use. These macros are used for tanking with my warrior (although they might be a bit outdated) If I can use revenge use it, otherwise heroic strike #... News out of E3 this week is that Microsoft is adding emulation for 360 games to the Xbox one! Including items you may own digitally as well as disc. Pretty sweet news for some of those titles I haven't ...
gregoria in Justified
So Justified ran it's course last night and wrapped up the final 6th season.

Final episode was ok. Had some good moments and at least it wasn't as bad as Dexter.
gregoria in Vikings
Praise to be Thor. Fuck yeah!

This series ended with such an unexpected twist last season (admittedly probably could have seen it coming) that I am soooo glad that the wife and I binge watched this last month to catch up!
gregoria in WoD UIs
Lets get this shit going again with WoD

So after looking at what is current and graphical compilations I settled on SuperVillian UI suite. Screenshot below, UI here (for reference I am now running one of Dell's ultra widescreen monitors (2560x1080)).