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Fork in Twelve Slack
What error messages are you getting? If it's just invalid login I'm sure we could reset your password for you :) Or tried the "I forgot" bit?
Fork in Meet the Patels
This wasn't what I expected it to be, but was also a lot better than I expected it to be. There was maybe 20 minutes of stagnation in the middle, but apart from that it was entertaining, insightful, and even bewildering at times. Definitely recommend for something different on a Sunday afternoon, ev...
Fork in Finally made it..
Welcome! Yeah the forums are a bit dicky, and a lot of discussion has moved to Slack (link at top)

What do you do for a living?
What games are ya playing?
Ever ridden an elephant?
Fork in The Magicians
i called Martin being the Beast about 5 episodes ago, didn't see the whole julia getting raped by a demon god and going crazy though they did that really well though, showing brief glimpses of the ceremony from her point of view had me convinced everything went as expected, it felt a little bit...
Fork in The Magicians
Still frothing over this show. Spoilers from most recent episode: Love the premise of the time loop with something being changed each time, and the other group trying to talking to the goddamn goddess and getting their petitions answered. It all made sense in the show's universe, and from a hist...
Fork in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
What the fuck? Who the fuck is attcking that person on FB?

Stop that shit! You know the rules. Do what you want on the forums but don't get personal. And that's personal. Stop it immediately.

Whinge and birch and drama all you like, but don't get personal.

So say we all.