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Malieus in Hi, I am Steve
Hi I am Steve, a 25 year old gigilo who lives in your parents perth holiday home. I look like this: I am new here. I used to hang out online all the time. But with starting Uni and getting a girlfriend and working I stopped. But I have since broken up with my girlfriend and qu...
Malieus in Discord, Slack for Gamers?
The Voice seems good, nice and responsive, uses the same codec as mumble and curse voice (opus). It is working to have integration and it has the /giphy command. Plus overlay system. At the moment it is being built with funding from silicon valley, and when rolled out fully will have opti...
Malieus in Discord, Slack for Gamers?
I was thinking if the Cutlery and Shaunz were to set something up we could end up with some kind of Slack/Game Voice Chat combo and have a little more of an integrated community.
Malieus in Discord, Slack for Gamers?
Hey so I was introduced to a new Social integration site/app The great points is that it seems very similar to slack but comes with it's own voice chat serves that are not only free but seem to use less computer power and bandwidth than TS, Mumble and others. It seems like a great opportunity to con...
Malieus in Twelve raids again!
Gel wrote:
Malieus wrote:

Yay back on topic.
We will be aiming for 7-7:30 server time to start forming.

Thurs days that's fine Wednesday may be a little close. What ilvl you want people to have?