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Loom in Leaving.
To everyone in Twelve. This has nothing to do with the guild. Nor anything personal. And I'm sorry for not giving advance notice. I've always wanted to raid with you guys. But the time being set for raids are 'too early' during the weekdays for me & 'too smack in the middle' during the weekends ...
Loom in [DKP] Where would you like it?
i'm not against DKP fo 20 man, but adminstratively, somebody's gonna go through hell with all the problems later, people drop half way, replacement getting in. after each boss, check if this dude has attended prevous raid etc etc just to name a few. 2 thoughts came into my mind. how about we set 2 d...
Loom in Lets talk about DKP
sorry about my posts.

elitist mentality gotten into me again.
i'm here on this server to enjoy pvp. not raid dramas.

so please ignore the system which i've posted :)