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Trepz in Banned -- Well, that was fun...
They really should reinforce their basic account recovery options first. I agree that authenticators should be in the works, sad that we live in an age of gaming where these have become an absolute necessity. Indeed. They also need to put a lockout after a few attempts of password recovery. Brute-f...
Trepz in Banned -- Well, that was fun...
Wow that's ridiculous, this is all over reddit atm.

Apparently hackers are just spamming the password reset feature on the site until they find an email that belongs to an account, then they're brute-forcing the passwords.

Anet needs to put some fucking authenticators out already.
Buying zaishen keys for the pvp statue of 250 keys for me would be good because id get 5 points all up.…. but i think spending money on gw for points is a waste, id rather buy char slts in gw2 for bags etc Does anyone have spare zaishen keys or cash on that note? lol i need only a few more keys It'...
Trepz in Twelve Gym [Iron Man Remedial]
Interesting program there, let me know how it goes for you.

It's usually good to be cautious with olympic programs, your body recovers much faster on steroids and a lot of olympic training methods aren't designed for natural athletes (notably the Bulgarian method, you'll fry your CNS on that one).
Doh, already have full weapons in HOM >.< Here's mine: omg can you lend me anything to boost my HoM. i only have 6 points hahaa ill pay you back in gw2 someday! Spent the rest of my ectos last week b...
Trepz in More GW2 Links & Misc
Zodiak wrote:

They have meetups? Thats cool. I would be interested in going, let us know when its happening.

Potatoes is going to be doing a meetup every friday night/saturday morning, a weekly event where we push through a dynamic event chain.
Trepz in More GW2 Links & Misc
Oh that's awesome.

Btw the youtube caster Dontain will be rolling on IoJ, between him and the woodenpotatoes meet-ups I'm totally getting some youtube screentime xD