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arguss in It has been fun...
I want to say thanks to you all for such a great guild and your being cool ppl :) I've sent what I can to the bank - The business I have started means I can't spend time on WOW and I can't afford to keep an account that I don't use. It's a bit sad cos i have had fun with raids ( when I could get the...
arguss in Missing presumed working
Hi eveyone Great to hear Twelve has gone so great in the raids and I'm damn sorry I've missed so much. However my company has now consumed most of my time which was spent on WOW. The business has kept me busy and will do so for the near future, so you probably won't be seeing me online again in any ...
arguss in The Uniting of Twelve!
Having been through the process once before on Proudmoore, i was orignally pretty pissed off about it but thats life and we move on.

Its a messy situation and no mistake but i will be staying on and helping out where i can to get more people coming up thru the ranks.

Peace all