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kiral in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
Please don't lock this thread lets let people spew it all out so we can all start feeling better again. Man I've never felt so angry from a guild thing before, its all so fucking stupid. Most people are kind of over it now Cailo, we've all said what we think, decisions have been made and the raid g...
kiral in The Shannara Chronicles
Yeah the acting in this is mostly terrible. It's alright to watch if you want to laugh at how dumb some of the scene/stories are.

Definitely targeted at 'The OC' demographic.
kiral in The Magicians
It's alright, not a huge amount of stuff actually happens in this.

It's kind of funny how the nerdy chick isn't meant to be attractive, but is actually a babe.
kiral in The Division
Played the open beta on PC with Dwy. It's pretty fun with a group! The graphics are pretty awesome too.

I'll be getting this on PC rather than PS4. It would be great to get a twelve group going for this game.
kiral in Spectre
It's got one good car chase, and that's it.

Was just another bland movie in the James Bond franchise. Kind of bummed I saw this at the movies.
kiral in Beer
Clownshoes wrote:
Tinnies so you get the cool fish tanglers that keep them together.

Also wisest wizard construction materials. Unless you want to be like bob and make one out of bottles.

kiral in Beer
Seylana wrote:
I think Im still on the good old Coronas.

Why do you only think? Do you get black out drunk and no longer remember what beer you drink?
kiral in Cowboys
Just what I needed, 6 hours of Cowboy bebop music!
kiral in Tomorrowland
The first half of this movie was awesome, but then it got a bit cliched. It really needed more of a twist, or something.