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Jakyrusso in resolved
People seem to forget that it is ME that texted Cailo and Cap to let them know after 8/14 hm I no longer wanted to raid 3 nights a week.…. Nothing to do with Tex really. Thought it would be nice to play more casually with my old friends and possibly help out, since I got experience....Did not expect...
Jakyrusso in resolved
Hummm never talked to you before so no. I don't even really know what to say to all this....I have helped with this guild for a good few years and for some reason i'm a bitch or a problem?…..:(
Jakyrusso in New era of Twelve
I can't think of anyone better to keep the heart and soul of Twelve going. Best of luck to you, Cailo. I could not agree more. My heart and soul is still with Twelve, love this guild. Twelve needs at the present moment a person like you Cailo. Ty for everything, I have now more time to adjust to my...
Jakyrusso in Twelve Progression
MOP progression patch 5.3 Throne of Thunder Normal Jin'rokh the Breaker - March 6, 2013 Horridon - March 13, 2013 Council of Elders - March 21, 2013 Tortos - April 7, 2013 Megaera - April 14, 2013 Ji-Kun - April 14, 2013 Durumu the Forgotten - May 5, 2013 Primordius - May 9, 2013 Dark Animus - May 1...
Jakyrusso in DRAAMMMAAA - Just got gkicked.
I was done talking but, after the stunt you pulled just now, spamming trade that texdz was making a raid group for world bosses (while we were in the middle of raiding might I add) he got spammed in his chat for invites! Not cool and very childish. GG.
Jakyrusso in DRAAMMMAAA - Just got gkicked.
I don't think he did that to get your attention, it was really to try to get back on track. Also, he took it down when people were offline and you came on before he came back from work. As for repairs and using raid mats (again not pointed only at you) I was generally speaking. And yes I did post fo...
Jakyrusso in DRAAMMMAAA - Just got gkicked.
I will add something. I see that you did pick stuff to your advantage out of that 2 hour conversation going in circles. I would of been quite frustrated myself after all this time not listening to a word. He got more irritated with you cause you just did not listen. You are NOT the only one that los...
Jakyrusso in Warlock Green Fire Questline
Well blizz did a good job on this one, the Black Temple scenario is pretty intense and final boss is freaking challenging, i'm still wiping on it at 40% but here is a guide for the questline and a full guide to kill the final boss.
Jakyrusso in Twelve raiding
(sorry in advance you guys all know im a fench canadian so yes you will see grammar mistakes) Ok,, i just finished reading the wall of posts and yes yesturday's events was lets just say not to pleasant for everyone. Ive been the Gm of my own guild since Vanilla and was in a hardcore guild of 25 mans...