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Vodkangel in Office Drone Hive 2015
Well, it has been years since I have posted but I am in somewhat of a jam and I thought all of you would be able to help me with this topic. I need a digital designer or someone who can create a digital watermark for my photography business that I have started in the past year. It is surf photograph...
Vodkangel in Sleepy Hollow (TV Series 2013)
Watched Episode 10 today, loving every episode, not sure where the season/s will go as it gives the impression that it will come to an end rather than have another continuing story line. I am interested to see what they do with it =)
Vodkangel in What are you listening to?
Very different to what I had been listening to this year! I have found myself getting back into listening to some country, which I never thought I would do again but really enjoying it. Also makes spending time in Nashville in January a little more exciting =)