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phinix in Cool cool cool
hi guys, been a while since I've posted, just got back to Ireland from 5 months snowboarding in france, since I have become completely hooked on skiing videos and this segment is amazing. enjoy!

phinix in Man Of Steel
I have no idea.… when I first went to post it it came up with the preview option, then I hit post...
phinix in Tattoos!
I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but that guy actually looks like he let a ten year old doodle on him with a crayon. Then again, I never really did understand art. That's the artists style, all of his pieces are similar and childlike. The thing is I hate "normal" tattoos, excessive shad...
phinix in Tattoos!
I've been looking for a tattoo for a long time and found one I really love It's by a artist called yann black, his work is beautiful. But I think I'm going to the the clouds and balloon on my shoulder and have the arrow come a bit down my arm. He only works from Montreal and t...
phinix in Game of Thrones - Season Three
its interesting the response on twitter to the episode. I had the exact same reaction when I read this bit in the book. I remember re-reading the same page over and over thinking there is no way he just fucked the whole stark family , I got very close to stopping reading the series just cause I was ...