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diol in Things you only think you only do
Self explanitory...
I'll start the ball rolling

-getting dry before you step outta the shower
-getting tissue for food, using it for "other purposes'
-triple tap; phone wallet keys
-wanting to do something really good, getting rly excited, them you forget the idea D:
diol in i don't get this Thought so :D Thank god. I was starting to worry, haven't seen any ponies around on the forums in a while . Three ponies a day, how's that? :) Th...
diol in i don't get this
out of all the days, i played from 7am til 11pm LoL on saturday and sunday
studied monday&tuesday

want to get on WoW
servers are down

what do =l
diol in My crap computer
Hey guys, Dio here requesting DESPERATE AND IMMEDIATE HELP! So, my computer is very shitty, and I really want to upgrade it, but for a cheap cost rather than an expensive one :!: :!: :!: My current "bad" things are.. 390GB Storage Disk .. yeah I know they make 1TB portable ones. Intel quad...