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Cakes in Riceballs
Neifelheim wrote:
Cakes wrote:
Hooray! About time someone else from the Hunter Valley joined up! Welcome aboard!

Well there is actually Kryta and myself also....probably a few others that I don't know about too.

I'm a little shocked and saddened that I didn't already know this =(
Cakes in Secret Santa 2013!!
Mega lols to Tooheys gift from Beefy, Bubble's maid gettup (what a hottie), Doc looking Doc, and everything else =D Good job this year!
Cakes in Star Citizen Megathread
Sooo, this is some sort of proper Astro-Empires right? Will I have the ability to get 12th squadron into deep shit against some overwhelmingly superior galactic empire and destroy all of Shaunz diplomatic work with one small action? Yes and yes. Except this time, we are classing ourselves as a synd...
Cakes in Seth - Ansare
Seth/Ansare, using MSpaint or any similar program (not some photoshop epic photo editing/creating software) draw for us the following scene: In the middle of a large, grassy park, are two people playing Frisbee. One of them steps on a swirly dog shit (you know the kind.. the ones that look like a pe...