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Ayre in How old is Moss?
I think it's his birthday today.

I'll never forget the time he invited Dwy and myself to meet his partner at the soda factory in Surry hills and I paid $9.50 for a beer nearly three separate times.

Happy birthday pal
Ayre in Office Drone Hive 2014
Now that I'm a full time telemarketer, can I join the hive?

I sell raffle tickets on behalf of the QLD PCYC, it's soul destroying work for a good cause (my bank balance).

Today was Halloween.
Ayre in Next expansion speculation
Anyone else streaming BlizzCon, or am I the only one retarded enough to do that.

Totally getting the Annual pass, WoW beta access, Diablo 3, 12 months of not worrying about my subscription. Awesome.
iOS5 is pretty sweet, but my iPad2 thinks i'm my gf's stepsister..? I have no idea how or why.. If you haven't fixed this already, I had the same problem. Simply sign in on and go to contacts then create a contact for yourself or set an existing one as "yourself'. You do this by sel...
Ayre in Latest Movies Watched
Inhale (2010) It's about a incredibly ill girl who has rich parents that'll do nearly anything in order to save their daughter. The father heads to Mexico and spends stupid amounts of money in order to ensure her fate. Let's just say it involves a transsexual who dies i...
Ayre in How Do You Pirate?
I was just wondering whats the best kind of site to use for a "refresh daily to find new torrents for shit I added to my list" type of thing would be. I was using showRSS but in the last couple weeks its been shitting itself, none of my torrents are showing up and its constantly down. Jus...
Ayre in From Dust
After playing a less than legal version of it for a couple of hours, I'm not really enjoying it too much. You play as an out of place centipede thing that can absorb one type of matter at once and then release it somewhere else. Total amount of things I managed to absorb in the first few levels; wat...
Ayre in From Dust
So you think it's okay for corporations, especially large ones such as Ubisoft to blatantly lie to consumers? They even knew that people had concerns about having what I'd consider extreme DRM forced upon them and they then lied about what they were going to do. It's as far as I know, a singleplayer...