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Texy in Recent Guild Happenings
I feel as though Hobz is the one to blame for Moss and friends committing mass suicide, you should have been nicer to him man.

I am glad to see Cailo didn't give up his position, well done.

Now I shall return to the rock I crawled out from under, see you all next time something interesting happens.
Texy in resolved
There seems to be a real opinion of many people that Tex and Jackie betrayed the guild. and saw the MOTD 'abandon ship :<' and to find Tex and Jackie had transferred. they failed to realise just how much people care about the old guild . I took up the gm with the support of people who regard the gu...
Texy in DRAAMMMAAA - Just got gkicked.
I still don't understand why Stackee was gkicked and after talking to him last night it he doesn't seem to understand either. One minute you're telling him that he's free to leave, then the next you've kicked him from the guild, it's all a bit confusing to me. dw i'll plan my exit when i'm ready, i...
Texy in DRAAMMMAAA - Just got gkicked.
So are you cheating on your fiance, Tex? Or is stacking just trying to sow the seeds of mistrust in some seedy attempt at acquiring new fap material to beat his little Chipolata sausage over? I am not, so it was probably the fap material thing. I also do recall saying in officer chat on more than o...
Texy in DRAAMMMAAA - Just got gkicked.
Stackee, I didn't have a problem with you trolling my raiders as such, I told them to deal with it in the same way they would normally deal with any troll. As soon as people start telling me they would rather find a new raid team than continue raiding with my group because of the aforementioned trol...
Texy in Wat (NSFW) Thread

Saw this on video on facebook, the place you generally find strange/disturbing things, url says it all.. pretty wat imho.

Enjoy or something, whatever it is you usually do with stuff in this thread.

Apologies if someone has already posted. =p
Texy in Throne of Thunder raid guides.
Hey guys, with the next raid set to be out tomorrow I thought I'd throw up all of the current PTR guides from Icy Veins, I feel they are about as informative as we will get for the moment, make sure you have a look at a few of the first ones for tomorrow night. I will replace these with the proper g...
Texy in The Thunder King - Patch 5.2 Trailer
There was some cool stuff in there (dinosaurs!?) but WoW desperately needs a new graphics engine I don't really see the problem with the engine as such; I feel it's just their art style you're looking at. Sure they aren't going for terribly high poly models or anything, but it isn't detrimental to ...