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Caes in Vikings
Hell yeah! Only saw the first 2 seasons a few weeks ago when I binged them, fucking excited for the third. Will be awesome to see them raid France and the rest of western Europe.
Caes in Recent Guild Happenings
If I'm being honest, I always found it weird there wasn't a literal figurehead character that had GM only to ensure there wasn't some unceremonious /gdisband. What exactly does the GM have that an RL needs, and is it really worth defending or is it purely symbolic? (out of the loop a fair bit, don't...
I bought the blue deck, Peer Through Time, becaus Teferi is basically amazing and blue is the best colour. It basically knows exactly how I like to play: plenty of dick moves and card draw, and Teferi basically ensures you do something good every turn. Also got the red deck on order, which seems lik...
The second half was awesome, some real good football from the Yanks. Took the best player in the world to finally do something for them to sneak the equaliser, but they will be ready for Ghana. I think the 5 goals they have on Portugal right now should see them get through, or maybe I'm dismissing G...
Caes in The Walking Dead
Has nobody else been watching this? This season is getting crazier every episode. Im so confused by the new town and the govenor with the heads. What the hell man. Does anyone know whats going on! Yup, it is a weekly thing now with me and a few mates. 3 really intense episodes so far, high hopes fo...
Caes in US presidential election thread
I liked Romney during the early days of the primaries, he seemed closer to his old self, when he was Governor. But it is disappointing he has to please the insane amount of special interest groups in the GoP, especially the evangelicals. If he does somehow win, though it seems it will have to be on ...
Caes in New MoP Raiding Team
Hobz wrote:
Hooray for Raiding,

If I can manage to stay awake I'd love to resto druid it up.

WTB Rem and Caes though >=(

Lemme know~

Yes, I am sure that's the root of the problem.…:D
Caes in New MoP Raiding Team
I'm considering taking a break from wow since it' average game at best currently. Feel burnt out after 4 years of constant raiding, plus it's not as if I did anything other than raid lead horribly. Maybe in a few months I can get back into it.
Caes in [MTG] Return to Ravnica
Very tasty, and the card is pretty good too.

I read her +1 ability as "Protect Vraska" which is generally the only thing people on most mtg forums care about regarding PW's, so she will probably be a hit.