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Alfie in RE: Your penis
Whitney Houston dressed as Taiwanese Eric Cartman for a costume contest. She must have been baked that day.

Alfie in RE: Your penis The foreskin is basically a toroidal linear bearing, providing completely frictionless movement, far superior to any amount of lube. It is also full of nerve endings that are composed of stretch receptors which report a whole lot of positional sensory detail, so being cut mea...
Alfie in Webcam Viewer
If your webcam is working you can simply open up skype or msn and then open "preferences" or "options" or whatever and go to "webcam settings" and it will show your webcam in a window. Dunno if this helps because your question was a bit vague
Alfie in You Laugh, You Lose
My Company is running some facebook promotion where two people can win a blind date to paris. All they have to do is submit in 150 words why they would make a good blind date.

meet john.

Alfie in What are you listening to? I was bored so I thought I would provide lyrics and my best translations. Sorry I am not a weegie so bare with me: Here mate (whit?) Hello there good gentleman (what?) You lookin at ma burd? (naw) Are you Looking at my girlfriend? (No) ...
Alfie in Alcatraz
Watched the first 3 episodes and it's Lost 2.0

Good luck waiting 4 years of seasons to actually find anything out about the plot.
Alfie in God Bless America
This movie will be that entire scene from American Psycho where Patrick Bateman just goes around killing people in the city. Then he realizes it's just his own delusion from his mental illness. The twist of this movie will be exactly like the one in American Psycho. The guy is just suffering fr...
I don't really have much to add because I love milk and just like beer, I will continue to drink it in droves whether its bad for me or not. However, Just wanted to point out that you should NEVER EVER EVER use Huffington post AND/OR dailymail as sources to back yourself up. Instant credibility loss...
Alfie in Windows 8
Microsoft has become a "Me too!" company, and the only reason they seem to still be successful, is because they are big, not because they're products are actually better. I am replying to this as somebody who actually works for a web company that gets on average half a million sessions a ...