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Hanlol in Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) Rotten Tomatoes This movie looks fucking amazing. It got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and just seems like a really fun movie. Being released on 22/05/2016. Has anyone been able to see it? Anyway I'm super excited!!!
Hanlol in Luther - TV series This is fucking amazing and I highly recommend it. Basically a half dodgy detective catches super creepy killers. This show does a really good job with the criminals. Super psycho motherfuckers. I've binge watched all 3 seasons on Netflix this week. The downside...
Hanlol in Meet the Patels

This movie/documentary is on Netflix, and I think it's a pretty good watch. It's a really interesting look into Indian/Indian-American culture regarding marriage.
Hanlol in Game of Thrones - Season Six
SEASON 6 EPISODE 1 RECAP: STILL HOPING FOR LIFE.…… Aw Sansa. Definitely cried a little. I thoroughly enjoyed the Daenerys/Dothraki portion in this episode. Was probably my favourite! Mostly in this episode, I was thinking "BRING JON SNOW BACK TO LIFE YOU DUMB BITCH" OMG WHAT THE RED WOMAN ...
Hanlol in Finally made it..
Skooooooooooooooooorps :D So excited that you're here!

I know you're in Slack now, so that's almost taken over the forums in a way so definitely hang out there!
Hanlol in [POTM] for March 2016
Congratulations go to Dragnat for winning Post of the Month for March 2016 . Below is the post in its entirety. The original post: 'Re: Peoples thoughts moving ahead.' . ========================================================================================== If they didn't want to raid with us an...
Hanlol in The Dressmaker (2015) Classic Australian movie feel, but I actually quite enjoyed it. This movie is surprisingly dark and a little weird. I read the book first, which might have made the movie slightly better for me. My advise is to NOT watch the trailer. It is hands down the worst t...
Hanlol in The Walking Dead
Watching the new season now, although not up to date. I definitely am enjoying this season though.

My favourite part is Rick being perpetually covered in blood. Like eeeeeveryone else is clean and rick is just head to toe in blood.