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Dragnat in [POTM] for March 2016
Congratulations go to Dragnat for winning Post of the Month for March 2016 . Below is the post in its entirety. The original post: 'Re: Peoples thoughts moving ahead.' . ========================================================================================== If they didn't want to raid with us an...
Dragnat in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
Shrewmkin wrote:
Hanlol wrote:

Messaging herself to make out someone messaged her about it, niocceeeee.

I have no idea who this random is and why any Twelve member would care about some non-event raid member from ES? Fairly certain as well that no one in guild talks like that. :o
Dragnat in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
I have said this to a couple of people already, but I will state my opinion here again for posterity. Its unfortunate that with all the shuffling from the Exit Strategy drama that there is now drama and indecision about the direction of the raid group. If anything we've found our feet. We have hobz...