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Ariet in Soundwave 2011
Normally soundwave has a bunch of bands I like, but this year there are only two or three acts that I'm interested in. =/
And both of them are way down at the bottom of the list, would probably only play one or two songs. D:
(namely NeverShoutNever! and Breathe Carolina)
Ariet in The Old Spice Man is Awesome
I watched all of these. It took like 3 hours of solid watching, and it was as entertaining as any movie.
Tomorrow, I shall go to the supermarket and buy some Old Spice, purely because any company that can make an ad campaign as badass as this should be able to make a kickass product.
Ariet in Yes We Canberra
It was actually pretty funny. It was pretty much just The Chasers War on Everything, but only the politics parts.
Ariet in Zombie Survival for Everyday Drones
My god I've been preaching this crap for years and people look at me like I'm crazy. "What's that," they say "guns are bad? Nonsense, they kill shit better than anything else! =D" In the eventuality of a disease outbreak which results in a highly infectious, bloodborne disease ca...