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I thought it was fun. It didn't feel like the best movie ever, but it was definitely enjoyable to watch and kept me interested the whole time. Certain scenes were awe-inspiring and...others fell flat. In the end, I paid too damn much to see it as usual but what can you do when its for a birthday?!
retsgip in Game for winter break
So I get a two week break for winter break in school and will have some time to play video games. I only have a PC so I'm looking for some recommendations. I recently bought the witcher 3 and have been enjoying it but I'll be done soon. I'm really looking at big games like MGS 5 and Fallout 4 but I'...
retsgip in Secret Santa Fuckers!!
There's where I'm at this year as well, hunterbob. That and being a student for 2 years has pretty forced me to hand-make cards with crayons and gather random leaves and shit in my backyard to give as presents because i'm broke.
retsgip in Undertale I found this game to be a breath of fresh air. Go play it. Don't spoil yourself with reviews or walk-throughs. Just play it and enjoy it. It's only about 8 hours long and there's multiple endings and multiple ways to go about playing. Surprised nobody has...
Have you read his super hero (The Reckoners) series? It's pretty awesome and a great spin on the classic themes. First two books are out and the last one is due in Feb 2016. Three years for a whole trilogy to be written and released is nuts, especially since a whole slew of other titles were releas...
retsgip in Cool cool cool
Fork wrote:
That's real cool, but fucking hell could there be any less people filming the fucking thing?

I hate people.

That's life now. Have you been to a concert or a speech of any sort? It's like impossible to concentrate now because there's glowing screens everywhere.