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moss in Next Expansion - X of Y
Shrewmkin wrote:
moss wrote:
Anyone playing Legion beta? Thoughts?

Don't post here ya cunt, you're not welcome here troublemaker!


Jiminy would be proud haha
moss in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
Ease up on the Moss hate yo. Some of you are speaking to him like you were there and it effected you at the time when it all went down. While I disagree with the actions he took, I see no reason for him to be hated on by those who weren't involved at the time - or for him to be barred from posting ...
moss in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
Every time I see Moss post here my blood boils a bit. I say plenty of negative things about Moss to people in private and I am sure he has plenty of negative things to say about me too. I don't think Moss would be shocked by any of that. Shocked, no. Although i disagree with this characterization h...
moss in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
Gotta love all the vermin that come out of the shadows on a Wow drama thread (myself included). Moss, you're a fucking weasel. Remember when you tried to force Cailo to give you GM to try and compensate for your RL inadequacies as a man? And when he didn't give it to you, you tried to destroy Twelv...
Merge next episode. I think Scott / Tai are in a really good spot. Jason is a big enough douche to attract a lot of attention and votes, but with two idols in their midst they're in a strong position to manipulate the game. Interesting season so far. Quite good considering last time they did Brain, ...
moss in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
Holy shit a lot happened since last time i looked on Thursday night. Cailo said nice things about Moss (or could be construed as nice things about Moss. I'll take it) "Hobz labelled himself "Hobz the Wankernator". I don't think I need to say anymore." - Hahahahahha. Always great ...
moss in Blindspot
Good to see you're still posting on new TV shows Spoon.

No word of a lie, it is one of the very few things i still come here for.

I also find it entertaining, but confess to having let it slip off my radar in the wake of Vikings returning.
moss in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
Fun wrote:
cunt oversells it, that's just straight up fucking retarded.

who the fuck has that much time on their hands to bother doing that.

Have you met Shrewm? cunt has nothing but time.

Nice to see the revolving door is still revolving. Best of luck with it all. =)
moss in The Magicians
I watched the pilot and didn't think to much of it.

Should I watch more? Is anyone really into it?