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Bubblewhat in resolved
PS: Rem, I need somewhere to live in Canberra soon. I'm moving in Awww yiss, really though I have no idea where you should live. I assume you get some sort of bogus deals through defence housing but if not just go to the share house section of Are you going to be stationed in Harman...
Bubblewhat in resolved
Wait Tex and Jackie are different people? I knew a girl called Jackie once that was a massive bitch to me so I would like to vote against the Jackie fellows return on the strong chance it's the same person. How could this be read as anything but sarcasm? EDIT: How could anything Rem says be interpr...
Bubblewhat in Broken things
Jiminy wrote:
Spoon wrote:
I may or may not have broken some things while upgrading some software packages on the server (I did).



Unrelated - why is that case of corona held down with tape and a bottle of juice?

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