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Tooheys in Cool cool cool
Very cool video. the problem with some of the laws is that it's hard to police since these drones don't really show up on radar. I did like how the bird had to change flight because of the drone.
Tooheys in Patch 2.0.x
I must have missed it. oh well. Im currently splitting my time between D3 and DOTA depending on if a friend is online on Steam.
Tooheys in Patch 2.0.x
Patch 2.0.3 GENERAL The Skeleton King no longer drops a Legendary item after using the "Reset Quests" button for level 60 characters This bonus has been moved to Diablo for level 60 characters would have been great to know that beforehand... could have exploited that over and over.
Tooheys in Patch 2.0.x
I saw you guys were on and was going to try pop in and run around with you until i saw you were on your little ones. Ended up soloing and then playing some DOTA.
Tooheys in Office Drone Hive 2014
Since starting this new job, its become quite weird trying to take a crap at work. They have clear glass on the windows and theres a donger (relocatable room) right outside it with a huge window facing it. Feels weird trying to wipe your ass knowing someone could be watching you.
Tooheys in Reaper of Souls release date announced
willy wrote:
Tooheys wrote:
I get paid on Thursday so I'll buy it then I think. I still never got any characters to lvl 60 but I really liked the story and so im pretty keen to play thru the RoS story.

You liked Deckard Cain dying to a bug lady?

I thought that sad actually but its all part of a whole.