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Xant in Best story of your year!
Since no ones telling stories and I feel sorry for the dude I'll tell one of mine. This one specifically happened in Malaysia. We were anchored off the coast of Malaysia, about an hours drive from KL because the Malaysians don't take kindly to Australian warships in their docks. First night we were ...
Xant in Twelve Gym [Iron Man Remedial]
Fork wrote:
Did you know hollandaise sauce is ~300 calories for 1/4 cup? Fuck me..

Everything creamy is bad.

On a different note, I'm back to squatting what I was before the hip dislocation.
Xant in Live streaming makes it look like your computer is in the states, comes with a free 5 day subscription.

Its how I got netflix on my xbox.
Xant in Remember 1999
Fork wrote:

Xant, those Laughing Cow Shots changed you for the better <3

The only thing thats changed is now I can't look at laughing cow cheese without having the urge to violently throw up everywhere.
Xant in Remember 1999
Spoon wrote:
Bit young to the game, Bob. Xant was only 17 at the first Twelve Meet

I think I was actually 16 at the time.

I remember because it was just before my innocence was corrupted by the heresy of laughing cow shots.
Xant in Remember 1999
This is around the time I learnt how to masturbate.

What a year that was.