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Beefyfife in QNAP/NAS Server setup I've returned with questions regarding servers for my new(started 6 months ago) job. Cutlery advice preferred. I am currently working at a small automotive tool maker company and we are looking into getting and maintai...
Beefyfife in Twelve Slack
since I have moved back to the United States, I haven't been able to log in to the twelve slack, any and all advice would be appreciated. If some fine cutlery would be willing to hop on mumble/vent/skype/gmailhangout etc. i would greatly appreciate it
Beefyfife in H Iskar Strat
i highly encourage the burn at last transition phase, got my first kill with it like that, popping everything and nuking the fuck out of it.

My mistake guys, this is a mythic strat.….ignore this until mythic
Beefyfife in The Magicians
apparently in the books
Book one is all about Quinton and Book two is all about Julia. Thoughts about how they are choosing to tell them at the same time linearly?