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willy in Where is everyone..?
bladearts wrote:
Is Slack any better than discord?

Hey bladearts! Slack is good! Come say g’day and install the app on your phone mate
willy in Next Expansion - X of Y
Flap wrote:
Hello friendos!

I'll most likely be making my inevitable return for whatever this expansion is, level up to the cap and then continue to be a scrub and fad into the mists once again.

Anyway, look forward to playing with you jerks soon!

Jump onto twelve slack, Flap. We are all there.
willy in The Uniting of Twelve!
I want to stay >_> But as im sure most of you know WoW is most fun while playing with your friends. And with Willy and Spoon moving over (Who i both have known in real life for aeons) and phil (a great friend from an old server, just like kiral) i was going to move with them.. However i still think...
willy in Blizz acknowledges Vanilla
I think the clips were recorded during the shutdown period, so everyone was standing around. Fair comment about your life mate, I appreciate most of that except for the kid part. My gaming time is severely impacted too. I'll be there in Legion too. Original WoW they wanted 500k subs. They got 2milli...
willy in Blizz acknowledges Vanilla
Kronos2 launched last night and it was a very stable launch. There were thousands of players and the server capped out quickly. Checking in this morning and the queue was huge: This community has grown as a result of blizzard shutting Nostalrius. The amount of people i...
willy in Blizz acknowledges Vanilla
Also, you're right, pristine servers is bullshit however even labelling them as that recognises that retail servers aren't they're tarnished...blemished...dogshit.
willy in Blizz acknowledges Vanilla
Potentially, and likely. I'm hopeful however that it is just the start of the dialogue. With Kronos exploding in population to the point of releasing a second server, this isn't going away. Kronos is released by twinstar, a mob that has very blizzlike servers. People now will refer back to this new ...
willy in Blizz acknowledges Vanilla
So the 'you think you do but you don't' bloke drew the short straw and made the below announcement: Also tmrw is when Mark Cern's video plus visit to Mike Morhaime is occurring. The vanilla movement has momentum. In the meantime, a shitloa...