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Lickytung in Recent Guild Happenings
Moss (and most of us) wanted it to be taken more seriously as we only raid for 2 nights a week. Most of the people who want to raid and raid to win have followed. If Moss wanted it to be taken more seriously, isn't the forums the best place to discuss it? As someone who has enjoyed raiding with twe...
Lickytung in Drama
I propose that the raids continue anyway. A bit annoying that its close to christmas/new years though.

Edit: why is my avatar so big?
Lickytung in Cata mains and leveling
Think i may be quitting soon... i'm just getting bored of the game. I'm beginning to log in and just sit there doing nothing. I also haven't been reading much about Cata, not really interested in doing the grind all over again is probably the prime reason (same as wotlk lol). I've been playing a bit...
Lickytung in Herald Of The Titans
So we just got herald on our first week. Pretty surprising, as i think people didn't expect to get it that quickly. Even i thought it would take longer than 1 week to get the healing straightened out, since we obviously hadn't done Algalon with this type of gear in a long time. After about 30min, so...
Lickytung in Starcraft 2 Known Hacks
Players hacking is one of the main reasons why one of my friends quit playing warcraft 3 ladder. He told me it got pretty much out of control, facing hackers all the time.. and not just map/disc hacks but hacks that allow the enemy to control your own units... Uproot Tree -> Detonate Wisps -__- I pe...