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Dwy in Next Expansion - X of Y
moss wrote:
Anyone playing Legion beta? Thoughts?

The streams I've watched make it look like more of the same, those are my thoughts.

Thanks for hanging around the forums moss, you're a really valuable member of this community in the wake of all this toxicity.
Dwy in Twelve raids again!
Magpie wrote:
Dwy wrote:
moss wrote:
Shrewmkin wrote:
This should be fun.

Not really.

almost guaranteed not to be.

Fuck up Dwy!

theyre yelling already
Dwy in Google Chromecast
Then you just open a chromecast supported app (Plex, Youtube etc) on your phone, hit the 'cast' button and choose which one to stream to. Then you select what you want to play and it'll play on the TV instead of your phone. Black. Fucking. Magic. Plex is the standout app here, my whole tv/movie col...
Dwy in How Do You Pirate?
How much are you meant to spend on a nas? Looking to get one I can run plex server on so I don't need to run an entire computer to watch my media. Plex website says the cheap (<$200) are a definite no go. Am I thinking too cheap? How much did you guys spend?
Dwy in Twelve Progression
moss wrote:

Heroic Malkorok is deaded.

Had some turmoil recently and had some subs in: Skilz and Nardall.

We still managed to get it down. Big thanks to the raid team and to our special 'returning' guests.

we did it