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Klexio in Looking ahead.
Beefyfife wrote:
Remedial wrote:
Is it zugno? he's the only rogue I ever cared about :(


I felt that pain too. Luckily I don't Rogue anymore.
Klexio in Deadpool (2016)
I saw it yesterday and fucking loved it. Not quite your standard Marvel movie, has a very Deadpool-y feel to it. I didn' really find any slow parts and even if there were, there was still a solid amount of comic relief to keep it interesting. 8.5/10.
Klexio in Avenues to make money
Thanks friends. Yeah Fork, I think just running a little thing on the side in addition to the 9-5er would be what I'm looking at. A few hundy is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm happy with not being able to afford a place within 5 years as long as I can keep my net wealth increasing. I think the st...
Klexio in Avenues to make money
I've been having a good hard think about how to increase your monetary worth that extends beyond the standard 9-5 job. I'm a web developer for a good, small business that doesn't push me extremely hard, rewards me for my hard work (2 pay rises in my first year) and am now on a respectable salary. Th...
Klexio in Twelve raids again!
This sounds like the start of something here .. or the continuation of! I jumped back into WoW at the start of the year after a huge hiatus and it appears to have changed a lot, some good, some bad. The worst part being there was no Twelve family around all in the same place to raid/chat with :( I j...
Klexio in Project Zomboid
I always loved this style of graphics/camera angle. Might check this thing out, seems pretty fun. Especially with the added hardcore-ness.
Klexio in Twelve 2015: Looking ahead
I've jumped back on the WoW train for WoD. I've been online quite a bit over the past week but won't be for the next 2 or so as I'm moving place (setting up internet is a bitch). I'll request a ginvite when I'm online next, would be great to see some familiar names online after being away from it fo...
Klexio in Rogue Legacy
I actually picked this up during a Steam sale a few months ago and completely forgot to actually play it. It looks great, thanks for reminding me to get onto it for some quick entertainment! :D