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Matey in Nostalrius - Vanilla WoW
After it's shutdown earlier this year, Nostalrius will be returning on the morning of the 18th Dec 2016 (12am Perth, 2am Syd/Melb, 3am QLD). I encourage everyone to come and play vanilla WoW and hopefully experience the enjoyment and fun that a large community will be having again come Sunday! You c...
Matey in Raiding in Legion
If there is enough players for 2 groups just do that again. There are plenty of Tanks ready to go who will be forced to DPS if we do 1 group. Keep the same raid comps/people that we had as well. If it's not broken don't fix it.
Matey in Raiding in Legion
You guys need to calm down. Who is complaining? Who is stressing out? As far as I'm concerned the raids went very well. We killed bosses, we had fun. One group got one less boss down - who cares? We have another raid night... IMO the people who are complaining and creating drama should be the ones w...
Matey in Next Expansion - X of Y
Flap wrote:
Hello friendos!

I'll most likely be making my inevitable return for whatever this expansion is, level up to the cap and then continue to be a scrub and fad into the mists once again.

Anyway, look forward to playing with you jerks soon!

That's Flaptastic!
Matey in Overwatch
Flap wrote:
Anyone playing this? I bought it a few weeks ago and have been having heaps of fun with it. Normally play with a few friends which helps build a team, its really important to have a balance in this game. Would be keen to play with some Twelvians if anyone has it.

Also hello!

That's Flaptastic!
Matey in Blizz acknowledges Vanilla
People have different preferences. A lot of people are excited because their preferences (vanilla) are being met. From my point of view Willy is simply trying to share this joy and excitement with you all, and probably try spark some interest for those who might share his passion.The whole vanilla W...
Matey in Blizz acknowledges Vanilla
People like the idea more than the actually thing. "You think you do, but you don't". People have been playing the 'actually thing' and have been enjoying it thoroughly. This is the whole point that is trying to be made. There is a significant a...
Matey in Wanna Lvl an Alt?
He constantly used 300% xp pots which are somewhat hard to come by, as well as the recruit-a-friend xp bonus AND full BoAs. The major percentage of people leveling would not have access to all of these things like he did.
Matey in Twelve Progression
willy wrote:
Epic! Well done guys and gals. What was his loot?

Class specific trinkets (that work like a tier token), a mount quest (that everyone gets), and a few other bits and pieces
Matey in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
Moss didn't do what he did because he hated the community, he did it because he likes it. He just felt it was the right thing to do at the time. For you guys the storm he created wasn't a big deal, for me it was pretty heavy. Apologies are superficial how ever and he probably doesn't feel he has an...
Matey in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
Ease up on the Moss hate yo. Some of you are speaking to him like you were there and it effected you at the time when it all went down. While I disagree with the actions he took, I see no reason for him to be hated on by those who weren't involved at the time - or for him to be barred from posting o...