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popolo in Nostalrius - Vanilla WoW
Remedial wrote:
How does one play on nost? Same client version?

Open the file, edit it the old shit in there and put:

set realmlist
set patchlist
popolo in Nostalrius - Vanilla WoW
Spoon wrote:
popolo wrote:
willy wrote:
What happened to Popolo?


yeahhhh c'thun down!

Nice one Pop, that's awesome. How long has AQ been open?

Naxx up next?

Thanks! The AQ event happened on 4-1-15, so less than 3 weeks? I'm actually surprised that they released it almost 100% bug free.
popolo in Nostalrius - Vanilla WoW
The other day I logged in, walked my L11 rogue from cross roads to Ratchet to hand in a quest, on the way back I tried killing a L13 raptor for a quest but only got it to 1/2 health before it killed me (partly because my sword skill is still too low, stupid vanilla mechanic), went back to the inn a...
popolo in Vanilla WoW - Kronos
SilverClaw wrote:
I love kiting on hunters though and vanilla casters are resist machines.

Fear is OP though! They're resist machines in pve until you get geared.

You can release infernals on crossroads!
popolo in Vanilla WoW - Kronos
SilverClaw wrote:
popolo wrote:
Matey wrote:
Yeah I'm thinking early night and wake up around 4am.

Are you going tauren warrior?

Yeah he is. I'm still tossing up between hunter and lock.

Btw, did you watch ebi3? Garry Tonon is incredible.

Locks can do good dps and rape in pvp.

They make damned fine fish bots too.
popolo in Vanilla WoW - Kronos
willy wrote:
Doesn't ED have bugged hunters?

Not really. There are a few minor pet bugs, but that's about it. Hunter's always did sub-average dps in raids during vanilla.

Apparently pets on Nost can't auto-cast abilities unless they're on aggressive stance.
popolo in Vanilla WoW - Kronos
You motherfucking motherfucks. NOW you decide to play on a vanilla server? So what's the main difference between Nost and Kronos? Why not just roll on Nost now? I've been playing on Nost for about a week now; it seems pretty bug free and legit to me. Fuck you Zac (OMG LETS PLAY FUCKING RETAIL) Haha...
popolo in Vanilla WoW - Kronos
Ausedragon wrote:
I gave up on my Nost character. I feel like I could be spending that time more wisely, like jacking off to shemale porn.

Anyone want my gold?

What level did you get to?